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Arduino - RGB Led

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This tutorial goes over how to control an RGB LED with an Arduino ESP8266 ๐Ÿšฆ


  • (1) LED - RGB Diffused Common Cathode
  • (3) Resistor 220 ohm
  • (4) Jumper wires
  • (1) ESP8266 Wi-Fi Microcontroller (NodeMCU v3)

For refrence I have included the pinout diagram for the ESP8266 Wi-Fi Microcontroller (NodeMCU v3) that I am using.

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Microcontroller (NodeMCU V3) Pinout
ESP8266 Wi-Fi Microcontroller (NodeMCU V3) Pinout


RGB Light Setup Diagram
RGB Light Setup Diagram


This project does not require any additional libraries. The Arduino standard lib is enough.

int red_light = 0;int green_light = 4;int blue_light = 5;void setup(){    pinMode(red_light, OUTPUT);    pinMode(green_light, OUTPUT);    pinMode(blue_light, OUTPUT);}void loop(){    RGB_color(255, 0, 0); // Red    delay(1000);    RGB_color(0, 255, 0); // Green    delay(1000);    RGB_color(0, 0, 255); // Blue    delay(1000);    RGB_color(255, 255, 125); // Raspberry    delay(1000);    RGB_color(0, 255, 255); // Cyan    delay(1000);    RGB_color(255, 0, 255); // Magenta    delay(1000);    RGB_color(255, 255, 0); // Yellow    delay(1000);    RGB_color(255, 255, 255); // White    delay(1000);}void RGB_color(int red_light_value, int green_light_value, int blue_light_value){    analogWrite(red_light, red_light_value);    analogWrite(green_light, green_light_value);    analogWrite(blue_light, blue_light_value);}

RGB Led running through the code provided
RGB Led running through the code provided