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Fritzing - esp32-c3-32s

· One min read

I have played around with the esp32-c3-32s for a while, and it doesn't have a decent fritzing board. So I have been forced to make some less than optimal images showing a simple project on a breadboard.

There is an overhead to being able to edit existing boards. I have yet to understand how boards are created from scratch, because they look so accurate!

Without any adieu here is the side by side of the before and after when creating an esp32-c3-32s board in fritzing.

I have also edited the SPI tft screen I found to have the labels on the front of the board to more easily know which pins are going where.

If you want to download the esp32-c3-32s board you can do that here. For the improved SPI tft display you can get that here.