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· 3 min read

This tutorial explains how to use a GY-521 driven by an esp32-c3! This is an I2C board with a combined Gyroscope and Accelerometer. It has the ability to get:

  • X, Y and Z acceleration
  • X, Y, Z gyroscope
  • Temperature sensor

· 9 min read

Over the past year, I have been using the esp32 as my go-to Arduino at heart micro-controller. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it’s power-efficient, and it costs less than $5. In my quest to find something more robust, I found the esp32-c3.

· 6 min read

Over the last few months, I have been struggling to add a visual component to my hardware projects. I thought it might be the screen technology, so I bought e-ink displays, touchscreen TFTs, smaller screens, big screens, integrated screens. Everything I could think of to figure out what was missing from my project, and every time I ran into the same problem, UI.